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Course outline

Learning outcomes

By the end of this simulation, participants:

  • exhibit responsible decision-making and personal accountability
  • collaborate and communicate more effectively with team members, including those who think and behave very differently from themselves
  • will have honed their analytical, problem-solving, negotiating and critical thinking abilities
  • will have developed their intercultural competence and a range of leadership capabilities
  • can better manage difficult tasks and everyday business under uncertain conditions
  • can think and act in an interdisciplinary way
  • will have improved their financial and business acumen

Seminar flow

Quest 3C can be broken down into the following phases:

  • Theoretical input & instruction
  • Simulation & decision-making
  • Presentation of results
  • Debriefing and evaluation
  • Individual reflection
  • Mentoring

In between instructors may provide background information to the participants or give feedback and input.

 ECTS credits:


Total workload:

150 hours

Contact hours:    

- Face-to-face: approx. 45 – 50 hours ( 6- 7 sessions incl. kick off & final presentations)

- Self-study: 95 - 100 hrs 


3 groups of 5-7 members


- 50% assessed simulation

- 20% presentation of business proposal
- 30% self-reflection


An B2 competency level in English is required as well as an interest in business and economic matters and interrelationships.

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