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Notes on self reflection

The reflective part of the game is concerned with the interplay between theory and practice. You need to demonstrate the ability to think critically and reflectively. A B2 (CEFR) competency level in English is required as well as an interest in interdisciplinary business relations and economic matters. Select an issue that has arisen during the course (e.g. a critical incident) or use the essay as a means of providing evidence for a specified area of learning.

Whatever the case, you need to reflect upon the chosen experience in the light of a relevant theory or theories and possible solutions to the issue discussed. You may also choose to discuss a course of action you employed to resolve an issue. You then need to describe it and reflect upon it in terms of its strengths and weaknesses.

The main components of a self-reflection of this type should include:

  • Clear identification of a topic and reason for choice.
  • Reference to an experience that you have had during the course.
  • Reference to theories relevant to the chosen topic.
  • A clear attempt to relate practice to theory:


"Although Brown & Smith (1995) say x, y and z in my experience u, v, w or this experience confirms what Brown & Smith (1995) say in relation to …or in the view of Brown & Smith (1995) x is the case, whereas White & Black (1997) suggest y (comparing theories) but in my case neither appear to apply to the practical situation I found myself in"

-> Go on to reflect on why the theory may not have applied in this particular case and / or question the theory.

The more you are able to engage in critical reflection the higher the mark is likely to be.

You will be expected to comply with the usual requirements for an academic piece of work including appropriate acknowledgement of sources, references and bibliography. You are reminded that the deliberate attempt to present other people’s work as your own is plagiarism. Marks will be deducted by way of penalty in minor cases of plagiarism; more serious cases may result in failure of the mode of assessment.

A recommend word count is 2000 words. Excessively long essays may be subject to a penalty imposed by the examiners. Very brief essays are likely to penalise themselves.


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